Let’s kick it

A start of a new site. A beginning of a new time. Spring Beast 2019

This might become one of the first posts of the Website. But it wont be. Because it is marely a test to test the blog. But if it would be a real post, it would be filled with awesome revolutionary inspirational and great content for you, to read and appriciate, hate or react however you’d like to.

Well. If we are doing that. Why not just write a post anyway. Let’s stop the procrastination. Right now.

Spring Beast 2019 is going to be something very special. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Carina, the wife of Percy, passed away this winter. Snösätra would not exist as it is today if it would not be for her existence and devotion to the area. Therefore the heart is extra this year. Honoring her memory and what she gave to all of us. To do this. The 2019 Spring Beast revolves around health. Because we all need to help each other with knowledge on how to live healthy lives. So others who might become ill of various diseases might get the knowledge and inspiration to change the behavior that will cause the illness.
  2. The Organisations collaborating to elevate the festival is taking a new leap. New websites. New structures. New strategies to make an even bigger impact in society.
  3. 2019 everyone can feel that huge changes and evolutionary stuff is happening all over the world. Expect this to be brought into the festival as well.

Me who is writing by the way. Is just a random guy who is project managing the festival this year together with the big fam. Random because I have never painted anything with proper commitment using a can in my life except repainting parts for my car and motorbike. But I love the people, the creative awesomeness and the heart in the culture. Will do my best to contribute to an awesome weekend and to elevate the room for our colors in society.

Well, thats it for an extremely random first post. Stay tuned for more.

Big love

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Creative Cleaning

Spring Beast is closing in fast and time is getting due to start the creative missions on site for the festival. This 11th of May the hosts and co-creators will gather and chill at Snösätra to clean up the site

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The festival would not be possible without you and all the amazing people that help to make this temporary paradise a reality.

Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are.

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