Spring Beast

During the last 5 years the festival Spring Beast has been a recurring annual event where Snösätra Gränd, an industrial area with over 9000 m2 grafitti wall in Stockholm, gets repainted every year, to stay the year, by around 150 artists from all over the world.

The event was initiated by locals in the area, with the intention to co-create a space for grafitti artists to perform their art in a space that would not get them into leagal issue. Along with an ambition to create a social place where people could rolemodel each other towards healthy and prosperous lives and show what this artform can add to society.

From a crazy idéa in one persons mind, Spring Beast has now grown into attracting over 15 000 visitors and well over 600 contributing artists and creative souls during to manifest a paradise of creative expression for a weekend.

Through the spirit of community we unite in peace and harmony to curate this beautiful location that has become a milestone for the Swedish grafitti Culture and art scene.

The festival is for everyone, no matter age, sex, gender and it is and will always be free to enter.

As we have expanded through the years, both in size and in activities, with over 140 new walls, passionate co-creators, a bigger dance battle, beat boxing, rap battles, sustainable project demos, foodtrucks, live music acts, and workshops, we now see how Spring Beast is not just a cultural festival, but the start of a cultural evolution.



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Behind the scenes

Spring Beast is not just a festival. Not just an incredible art space. Not just a catalyst for the artistic evolution and integration in society.

Spring Beast is a possibility for individuals in all fields and from all corners of our society to come together and explore new ways of collaborating. To then bring the synergies we find outside of the festival.

As we grow in size, an incredible network is formed. We strategize and plan the event to have as big of a positive impact as possible on society and our world. As well as to how the collaborations can contuniue from the festival into our everyday lives and positive missions.

The Future

The ambition of Spring Beast is to be a catalyst for our artistic nature to have more space and room in our societies, minds and hearts.

Snösätra Gränd is a place where the art elevates the area to have a cultural value unlike few on the planet. We see a not only a growing festival, but a rising movement, a developing statue of the power in our creative expression.

We see a platform for people to come together in the spirit of unity to add our colors and arts to our world.

The possibilities are limitless, there is room for skating, studios, facilities for co-creation, social hubs, stages, restaurants, shops. A lokal mekka for the creative spirit. To top it off, the area is located in the middle of a natural reserve.

The show will go on. Stay tuned.


The team work makes the dream work.

Viktor Lind

Project Manager

Viktor Lind

Project Manager


Tor Leif


Land facilitator


Spring Beast would not be possible without the incredible organisations and individuals that provide with assets, time and resources that enable us to curate our creative paradise.

Big love to all of the sponsors below. Without you, Spring Beast would not exist.

The Star't

Organisation Development

Den Nya Akademin

Art & Spirit

Organiserat Kaos

Music & Infrastructure

Projekt Rågsved


Studiefrämjandet Vuxenskolan

Music and Stage

The NAIA Initiative






Snösätra Gränd



Press & Graffiti Knowledge


Music & Infrastructure



Snösätra Gränd


Flügger Färg



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